Oh former models like Veronica Webb. Please stop going around saying and writing things. Know why? You're dumb and people don't like you. Ms. Webb was blogging about how she would give Ashley Dupree, one of former Governor Eliot Spitzer's many call girls, a makeover when a bout of the very-stupids overtook her. For instance, saying that Dupree's "almond-shaped blue eyes are her best feature." Dupree, of course, has smokey brown eyes."Every king eventually meets his Beowulf," Webb observes. "Some survive and some don't." What do you suppose the commenters did with this?

  • Just FYI, Beowulf was the hero, the good guy, the guy who saved the king, not the one who brought him down. Read the book. Grendel is the monster.
  • Oh my god! I just lost 3 minutes of my life. I'm such an idiot.
  • Really!? In the Times? You're an idiot.
  • Does Veronica Webb have any level of formal education??? Did anyone edit her article? God.
  • This complete and utter tripe, served with a delicious topping of ignorance, was absolutely fabulous!
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