So last night we ran an email from an anonymous correspondent who was outraged because Harvard is not admitting any transfer students, including her, for two years. The sad thing put in "hard work, blood, sweat and tears," including filling out eight applications, and was still facing a shameful life at a lesser Ivy, or perhaps (horror!) outside the League entirely. Her email was filled with palpable outrage and Gawker commenters felt her pain, though probably not in the way she intended. Now the would-be transfer has written in to say she has "worked hard throughout my life," including working a full-time job to pay her way through school. Then she said something about "the lifestyle seems to have its perks," which all of a sudden makes her seem less sympathetic again and maybe rich? Anyway, she was a reasonably good sport about the whole thing in the email, which we've reprinted after the jump.