The Times today found a professor of eating disorders to back up Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, who last fall told the sisters behind fashion house Rodarte they should lose some weight. Wintour put them on a four-month training regimen that saw them drop a combined 50 pounds, the sisters (pictured at left, after/before) wrote up the whole experience for April Vogue and body-image outrage ensued at sister site Jezebel. Everyone needs to calm down, said University of North Carolina professor Cynthia Bulik:

Bulik... defended the offer as it was presented in the magazine, noting that the designers had written that a doctor had also told them to get in shape. She said she was surprised by the controversy, given that Anna Wintour, in her editor's letter, had challenged designers to use healthier looking models.

"I saw more of an emphasis on healthy eating and healthy fitness than an order, 'You've got to lose weight,'" Dr. Bulik said.

See? Big-hearted Anna Wintour really was just concerned. About healthy newstan... er, about health! Ya, that's it.

Times: A Bad Reaction to a Diet