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Remember when Gisele Bundchen was preaching about saving Brazilian rainforests, back when she was dating environmental poster boy Leo DiCaprio? Remember that line of sandals she designed to raise awareness about water conservation? And how she claimed she rode her bike to work every day to help the planet? Okay, fine, we didn't have any idea what this "job" was that she had to pedal to "daily," but how could we question her desire to make the world a better place? Gisele was saving the world, damn it. And she was sweet enough to instruct us on how to be just like her, posting tips on how to be more environmentally aware on her website. But it seems she's been missing those NRDC meetings!

Today comes a report that the Brazilian native is putting down $50 million to buy a fuel-sucking Gulfstream G550, possibly one of the most environmentally-unfriendly ways to travel. (And yet so delightfully lavish: room for 19 people and just seven hours from New York to Sao Paolo!) Apparently, she settled on the G550 after considering two other gas guzzlers, the Global Express XRS and Falcon 7X; she'll now join the company of notables like Oprah and Ron Perelman.

So was it Tom Brady's malevolent influence that caused her to abandon humanity? Abandon us? Then we stopped and thought about it for a moment. Gisele only put in the order for the plane; she won't actually get it until 2010. And by that time, we'll have stopped global warming, curbed greenhouse gases, and restored the ozone layer. Right, Gisele? It's just an expression of your boundless optimism. Right? Gisele?