Just what is Cthulhu? Is horror writer H.P. Lovecraft's creation a scary monster from deep space? From the distance past? Another dimension? For former Star Trek: The Next Generation star and top-notch nerd blogger Wil Wheaton, it's cake.

A friend of Wil's wife concocted the macabre treat, explaining: "Here is Cthulhu rising from the oceans, using a convenient little island with a tower on it to climb up. The base was cherry-chip cake, the island and tower a mix of cherry chip and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Also used small chocolate 'pearls' as rocks. Cthulhu himself is all fondant, with two chocolate pearls that I seeped in red dye for eyes." But be warned: Overindulgence can lead to high cholesterol and a greater risk of cardiac disease! [BoingBoing]