The best part of the video attached to the previously-mentioned Julia Allison story in the Times is when the Star editor-at-large gets ready for a date inside her apartment. Check out the wall decorations: Julia changes in front of a Warhol-style painting of... Julia Allison. Four Julia Allisons to be precise. Then, in front of a mirror in the hallway, you can spy yet another piece of Julia Allison-themed artwork behind her as she flips her hair (also seen here). But, hey, I'd be pretty into myself too if I was pulling down six figures for showing up in front of television cameras, as is the case with Allison, according to the Times:

Her basic income, which she says is in the six figures, comes largely from her job as an editor-at-large for the gossip tabloid The Star, for which her prime activity is not editing or writing but appearing as an expert on celebrities on cable television shows.

Runner-up for best moment: when Allison talks about her "pink-encased loaded weapon," a reference to her, uh, laptop.