Everyone seems to dabble in self-promotion these days, what with the internet making it so easy and all. But when Page Six, of all people, mocks you for caring too much, it's probably time to back off. The gossip sheet this morning outs Peter Davis - fashion writer, friend to Tinsley Mortimer, ex-flame to Kristian Laliberte - for vigorously campaigning for votes in connection with an Observer socialite ranking, of all things. Said the paper's source:

"He has nothing better to do than to remind us to vote for him on the hour every hour to win and is taking it so seriously."

Davis was recently trying to win a head-to-head against Ivanka Trump in the ultra-low-stakes competition, but it looks like he's already won that round. Luckily, comments are allowed in addition to votes, and they are not all glowing testimonials from Davis and Trump shills:

Ivanka is gorgeous—but not brainy!

03/29/08 8:30am

Having taken classes with Ivanka at Georgetown (when she bothered to show up), it was clear to me she generally had no idea what she was talking about . It's a total mystery to me why she's even in this category. There's no doubt that she's gorgeous and a nice girl but as for being 'an executive real estate wheeler-dealer' it just goes to show what you can have when your dad is a real estate mogul and billionaire! Best of luck to her anyway...

On Davis:

someone has taken down every

03/28/08 8:45pm

someone has taken down every negative pd comment—-

im sorry, but dating a twenty year old, spending hours on facebook, and writing fluff pieces for free magazines does not qualify you to be in the smarts section.

and the obvious post from peter himself about the davis cup is pathetic.

im also not sure what he has accomplished in his forty something years.

If this is a real vote, then it has to be Kipton. He has that art thing and is huge at bank of america—cultured, suave, and really the consumate gentleman. peter still acts like a kid—-


03/27/08 7:10am

anyone who puts this link up on facebook and writes a million compliments about themselves in clearly a little, ummm, insecure?

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