"'I'm not a gun-nut, camo-wearing skinhead. I don't even hunt or fish,' said Bill Marcom, 53, a construction executive in Dallas. Still, motivated by a belief that the credit crunch and a bursting housing bubble might spark widespread economic chaos - 'the Greater Depression,' as he put it - Mr. Marcom began to take measures to prepare for the unknown over the last few years: buying old silver coins to use as currency; buying G.P.S. units, a satellite telephone and a hydroponic kit; and building a simple cabin in a remote West Texas desert." Yes, Mr. Marcom, when the apocalypse hits, Lord Humongous will gladly accept your old sliver coins as "currency."

Another crunchy green poser ripe for slaughter when civilization takes a powder "is Alex Steffen, the executive editor of www.wWorldchanging.com, a Web site devoted to sustainability. With only slight irony, Mr. Steffen, 40, said he and his girlfriend could serve as 'poster children for the well-adjusted, urban liberal survivalist,' given that they keep a six-week cache of food and supplies in his basement in Seattle (although they polished off their bottle of doomsday whiskey at a party)."

Who else will provide forced labor while we munch up their tasty supplies? "Joyce Jimerson of Bellingham, Wash., a coordinator for a recycling-composting program affiliated with Washington State University... ma[d]e her yard an 'edible garden,' with fruit trees and vegetables, in case supplies are threatened by oil shortages, climate change or economic collapse. 'It's all the same ball of wax, as far as I'm concerned,' she said."

Okay, friends. We've got names and locations. The List has begun! [NYT]