Magicgays Siegfried and Roy love their majestic animals-the way Norman Bates loved his mother. "[Roy] had shelves of urns lined up in his bedroom, each containing the ashes of his dogs and big cats," writes the duo's former security Chief, Jim Mydlach in his upcoming tattle-tale, The Secret Life of Siegfried and Roy. But cremation ovens are not very big, and tigers, on the other hand, are. What to do? Bust out the chainsaws!

"When their beloved tiger Sahra died of kidney failure, Roy demanded she be cremated. 'By this time, Sahra had gone into rigor mortis, so there was no hope of stuffing the huge animal into the tiny furnace. But Roy . . . didn't want to hear it. He wanted the cat cremated and brought back to the house as soon as possible, and he insisted the ashes had to still be warm when he got them. With that, the performers' vet told Mydlach, 'Cut her up.' He 'dismembered the tiger's corpse, cutting off its legs . . . one of the worst experiences of [my] life.'" [P6]