A Princeton senior, panicked at having just a couple months left of study time before he enters "the real world" (sure, kid) has discovered that some of his peers-at Princeton! Which is like Harvard!-are popping Adderall to cram for finals. "A friend of mine told me last week that he'd started taking Adderall illicitly on a daily basis to help him concentrate while writing his thesis. Adderall is a prescription stimulant that increases one's ability to stay focused on a task and awake on minimal sleep. It is prescribed to people diagnosed with attention deficit disorders. My friend, who does not have any such disorder, had no prescription. He had purchased it on campus like you'd imagine one might purchase any illegal drug." Later in the essay, the intrepid youngling reveals further evidence that he may not have left his dorm room in four years.

Either that, or he's already taking some reality-warping treat. "I was a little surprised, but I had always imagined there was a small contingent of students at this pressure-cooker who, out of desperation, might do this on rare occasions for an all-nighter or an exam. But shockingly, my friend said he thinks a large minority of seniors with pressing deadlines in the next few weeks is using Adderall. (When I say a large minority, I mean a significant number, not rare exceptions. Think: Marijuana use isn't widespread on college campuses, but it certainly isn't rare either.)" [DailyPrincetonian]