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With her singing career on hold and her mom as basically her only friend, Ashley Dupre should have no problem setting aside some time on July 21st to catch HBO's new documentary on Heidi Fleiss. Given the direction her life is headed, Ashley's story could very well turn into the sequel.

Sure, Ashley wasn't the madam in her epic drama—that honor fell to Mark Brenner and Cecil Suwal—but that doesn't mean the two dark-haired bad girls don't have a lot in common. Both grew up in comfortable middle class homes (Ashley's stepdad is a dentist, Heidi's father was a pediatrician), both had Hollywood ambitions (music for Ashley, acting for Heidi), and both made a mint in the sex-for-money trade until getting caught up in a giant media frenzy. (One more thing they have in common: Their mutual fondness for flashing the peace sign in pics.)

In Heidi's case, though, things didn't turn out so hot when her 15 minutes of fame were up. In Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's new documentary, Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal, the former madam spends 21 months in federal prison (or "lesbian hell"), develops a meth addiction (which she still hasn't been able to kick), and tries to open a brothel in Nevada, but never manages to get a business permit. These days she lives in Pahrump, Nevada with dozens of rare birds and runs a Laundromat called Dirty Laundry.

Can you set your DVR now, Ashley? (You can also see the movie in person at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week, if you feel like taking a trip out of town.) We'd hate to see you go down the same path. Okay, maybe we would. But we'd hate to wait ten years to see the movie, so just cut a deal Sheila Nevins and let's get this show on the road.