In Refreshing Change, Naomi Campbell Only Hurls Racial Slurs

  • Apparently Naomi Campbell called arresting police at Heathrow "fucking white honkeys" and called one officer a "white ****." I actually have no idea how to fill in the stars in "white ****." But if the Sun, of all papers, is censoring it, it must be pretty bad. And yet still far better than a mobile phone traveling at 100mph. [Sun]
  • Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom hugged, which means the movie stars got to first base as far as OK! is concerned. "For the full story on Jen's possible blooming romance with Orlando, pick up the latest copy of OK!" OK! [OK!]
  • AP reported Mary-Louise Parker broke off her engagement to fellow Weeds star Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Since we all get angry and confused when salacious celebity gossip is attributed to unnamed sources, the wire service carefully explained its source was anonymous "because of the sensitive nature of the relationship." [AP]
  • Britney Sears, in addition to exploring Dutch furniture sales and a possible comeback tour, is also considering a T-shirt deal with fashion designer Christian Audigier. For when you want to flash some nipple, but need plausible deniability. [OK!]
  • Paris Hilton is starring in a movie about a biotech company that repossess organs when recipients fall behind on their payments. And she wants everyone on MySpace to know how she's totally in love with her boyfriend.
  • An activist on the Lower East Side is organizing a protest against "right-wing Republican" Bruce Willis' "yuppie wine bar," because clearly the supposed invisible hand of the market never did jack about Planet Hollywood. [P6]