In their songs, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are all about blue-collar workers struggling against plutocrats who want to export their jobs and poison their water. It turns out E Street drummer Max Weinberg stands accused of being a profiteer himself for his plans to develop 22 acres of central New Jersey woods into a housing development, potentially increasing the value of his land by more than $7 million. Some preservationists are upset, and the Newark Star-Ledger called Weinerg "a symbol of hypocrisy:"

Neighbors criticized the plan for threatening one of the largest undeveloped spaces remaining in the area. Local planning authorities expressed similar concerns — but said they had little choice but to approve it since Mr. Weinberg had done his research, and the subdivision plan was done by the book.

"I really feel this is not best for the area," the Middletown Township Planning Board's chairwoman, Judith Stanley Coleman, said at the time of the vote, according to the Asbury Park Press, a local newspaper. "But we have laws in front of us that we have to take into consideration, and that is what we have to abide by."

I figured all rockers eventually sell out like this when I saw Bob Dylan's Cadillac Escalade commercial.