Now that Katie Couric is leaving the unwatched CBS Evening News before her contract expires, CBS CEO Les Moonves has little reason to keep pumping money into its putrefying corpse. Moonves "isn't a news guy, he's a showbiz guy," notes Huffington Post power-blogger Rachel Sklar. And Couric is hardly the first person to fail at anchoring the crappy program.

Couric only signed on "after [Dan] Rather, after [Bob] Schieffer, after John Roberts and Mika Brzezinski and everyone else who wasn't good enough before [Moonves] decided his star had to be Couric, and the star-cross'd imbroglio began. It's Moonves who will ultimately have to decide that it's worth the money and the stress and the time to do it all over again, for the sake of a sputtering half-hour per day of news in an all-but-obsolete form. Any of you think he'll be up for it?" [HuffPo]

Nah. But I do hope Katie moves on to something better. Something that doesn't hide her freaking legs!