I'm guessing that Time's "Most Overrated Blogs" feature doesn't include Tumblrs. There's a readers' poll that goes with the article-we're on it, natch-but I like that Time has picked a few blogs out for particular ridicule. "Reading Slashdot these days is like visiting the IT guy at work. He's infuriatingly smug and cares passionately about stuff you don't care about, and views your lack of interest as further confirmation of his intellectual superiority. Enjoy." Jim Cramer's money.com rantings? "The place to go to be reassured that the financial market is fine, just fine and Bear Stearns isn't in any trouble at all. Be sure to check back later in the day to see if Jim has posted any updates."

Ars Technica is "A perennially top-rated blog that bills itself as covering 'the art of technology.' Verdict: too much technology. Hardly any art. And lose the fruity name." Ooo... Edgy!

They even take a swipe at The New York Times, via windbag Nicholas Kristof's On the Ground: "Globe-trotting NY Times columnist regularly ventures into the eye of the storm only to find the 'I' of the storm. Self references abound, it's all Kristof all the time even as wars rage and children starve around him."

But then the jerks attack poor li'l innocent icanhascheezburger.com. "By most estimates, this is the 10th most popular blog on the planet: a site that lets users upload pictures of cats and affix funny captions to them written in a made-up language. Further evidence of the decline of Western civilization." Made-up language?! Obviously, these clowns have never even met an adorable kitty. [Time via Digg]