Less than a week after hopping the Atlantic and making it into the print and online editions of the British Guardian, fameball Julia Allison is now featured in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. The article is headlined "Who's blogging so late through the night and wind?" according to the Google translation (in reference to this, more in the comments). There's a proper translation, from an actual German speaker, of the article's first paragraph after the jump. If you care. And also an indication Allison actually ate some poor innocent "media person."

Translated by an email tipster:

"On March 7 at 12.45 pm New York journalist Julia Allison had enough. "It's me, Julia" her blog is called, which over the years she had filled with fotos of herself and her girlfriends, their evening dresses and many candy-colored things."

It goes on about her for the rest of the paragraph, but I will leave you to your own German abilities there.

If you run the whole article through Google translation, you also get the following gem about Julia:

She knew only that it should have an end, that for years they had wasted their time. The fact that the media person they had, they had eaten. A day later, she pushed a statement after eilfertige: You had something on the eve overreacts.