Marc Jacobs has a new boy named Austin A, or at least he did the last time the designer's heroically freewheeling sex life made the gossip pages. Someone emailed us a link to Austin's MySpace profile along with the note, "I'm not a reporter - I'm sure you can find more." Actually, although I'm pretty sure I have a cell number for Jacobs ex Jason Preston in my mobile phone somewhere, I'm not inclined to start dialing around on this one. But here's a summary of Austin's MySpace for the obsessed-but-impatient: He's "6'1"/Athletic," from Franklin, Indiana ("F Town") and there's a video of him pole vaulting! "Pole vault without a doubt has played a major part in my life," Austin writes. Also, it seems that when you date Marc Jacobs, a lot of old friends come out of the woodwork:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marc & I

Current mood: betrayed

Category: Life

I just want to say that I appreciate everyone's support & finding out from the source what is fact and what is fiction. To those of you who just started messaging me after many months and/or years please stop I will not respond. I know there are alot of things being said & this is a hard time for me being scrutinized by so many people just for living my life. I care for Marc regardless of his "celebrity" status. If people say that Marc's (others) are just with him for who he is, than he would always be alone. Marc Jacobs is an amazing man & deserves someone by his side. If there is anything in the future that you (my friends) are unsure about, do not hesitate to ask. Love you all who love me =)