Scientology Prince May Lose His Princess

  • Katie Holmes is said by Star to be planning a "trial separation" from Tom Cruise amid her plans to come to New York, where she might act in the play All My Sons. There's a battle over Suri. [Star]
  • Britney Spears clocked some time on the treadmill, renewed the restraining order against ex-hanger-on Sam Lutfi, enrolled in voice lessons and spent two days in a recording studio, messing around. The singer was playing the pianno and singing "just for fun," or at least that's how she rolled until someone leaked everything to the media.
  • Tori Spelling, in her own words: "I'm a huge fan of gays... They love me; I love them. They consider me kind of a gay icon, which they've labeled me as." [Reuters]
  • A character dies in the Sex And The City movie, according to Cynthia Nixon. We don't know who or how important, just "a character." In other words, it's a movie. [P6]
  • According to Naomi Campbell, British Airways, which has banned the supermodel, begged her to fly with them again but she refused because they disrespected her. No one in the entire world will ever believe that story, but plucky Page Six called BA just to confirmit is indeed total bullshit. [P6]
  • Welcome to the family, Pete Wentz: The musician's father-in-law-to-be is already trying to broker pictures of the forthcoming baby Wentz didn't want to talk about. Ashlee Simpson's dad wants $1 million, the magazines are thinking less than $100,000. At least we know who leaked the pregnancy news. [P6]
  • A plastic surgeon published a children's book on his profession called "My Beautiful Mommy." [Perez]
  • David Cross is dating a woman 19 years younger, Amber Tamblyn of Joan of Aracadia. Or at least making out with her at a big movie opening. [P6]
  • The father of Minnie Driver's baby is a San Francisco musician, Craig Zolezzi (pic). [Hollyscoop]