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Cindy Adams must have a new fresh-faced summer intern helping her out these days. Today "Cindy" has done a little legwork and assembled a list of celeb prom horror stories. Who knows if any of them are true—you know how actors can be with this thing called truth (or if this wasn't simply recycled from a celeb weekly)—but we'll just go with it. Shall we?

- Matt Damon got dumped at the prom after-party by his girlfriend Tammy, who then proceeded to hook up with her ex-boyfriend in the bed next to Damon.

- Madonna sat at home alone because she couldn't get a date.

- Kirsten Dunst didn't have a date to the prom either, so Sofia Coppola talked Josh Hartnett into asking her. But then she turned him down and didn't go at all.

- Tina Fey pretended to fall asleep so her date wouldn't try to make out with her. He ended up with another girl by the end of the night.

- Nicholas Cage threw up all over his tux in front of his date.

- Lisa Kudrow cancelled on her date because she didn't like her dress.

- Lara Flynn Boyle went stag.

- Reese Witherspoon went with her dad after she got stood up by her date.

- Matthew Perry got dumped by his date for another guy at the prom.

- Newly-famous Christina Aguilera went with a date to her prom, but when the DJ played her single "Genie in a Bottle," everyone walked off the dance floor.

- Cuba Gooding Jr. had to borrow $50 for tickets to his prom, which he still hasn't paid back.

- Adam Sandler took a high school-age fan to her prom. How sweet.