CNN reporter Richard Quest, who was busted in Central Park with methamphetamine in his pocket, a rope tied around his genitals and a dildo in his boot, wasn't the only TV news personality arrested and embarrassed for alleged sexual kinks this weekend. Eric Watson (pictured) of NBC17 in Raleigh, North Carolina was taken into custody on charges he spied on a woman who was showering at home. The reporter belongs to the same gym as the woman, and it sounds like he drove the TV station's van to her house. A witness said he worked hard to peep, according to the News & Observer:

The same witness told police that a man walked to a home in the subdivision, climbed onto an air-conditioner unit and looked into a rectangular window that looked into a bathroom shower. Police said a woman was taking a shower at that time at the home.

[Soup Cans, News & Observer]

(Photo via Soup Cans)