Julia Allison is sick and tired of the anonymous online critic who maintains a blog devoted entirely to criticizing her. "This woman checks my tumblr, my flickr, my vimeo, my twitter... as well as all of the things my girl friends post, and spends a good portion of her time (time which could otherwise be spent engaged in fun and useful activities, such as tennis, horseback riding or archery!) penning long, bitchy, link-ridden items 'analyzing' my life." Which sounds a lot like a the job description of a Gawker blogger, except the woman in question is anonymous and probably doesn't get paid. Which is outrageous! Star editor-at-large Allison said she knows the identity of her critic and is wondering what to do with it:

I have never met her. She doesn't know me or any of my friends. But I know who she is.

I've known for quite some time now, and I was hoping general decency would - at some point - take over. Um … not so much. I've asked her politely to stop. She hasn't.

...people should be accountable for what they write. I'm tired of it.

Should I reveal her?

What do you think?

What DO you think? This is a very important question.

[Julia Allison]