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Hotel moguls Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode will unveil their latest spot, the Jane Hotel (located on—yes, you guessed it—Jane Street) beginning next week. What will the duo behind the Bowery and Maritime be serving up this time? Rooms that resemble ship cabins, are 50-square-feet, have no private baths, and will cost "under $100 a night." And as a part of a special bonus to make the whole experience extra-super-gritty, hotel visitors will get to share the property with "long-term residents" of the former welfare hotel. (Unfortunately, MacPherson and Goode were unsuccessful in their efforts to evict them.) Good news, though, for the grizzled old-timers who have hung around: They'll have free WiFi and a concierge now, plus plenty of naive Danish tourists to squeeze free drinks out of at Socialista downstairs.