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Head of HBO series production Sue Naegle settled into her new gig quickly this week. It's only Thursday, and she's already given the go-ahead for a new series, the enticingly-titled Hung. The comedy comes to you from the creators of the Eddie Izzard-Minnie Driver vehicle The Riches, Dmitry Lipkin and his wife Collette Burson. Hung is the story of a former high school athlete who learns to use his dangle to improve his quality of life: basically, Hoosiers meets Boogie Nights. A Broadcasting & Cable profile last year of the show's creator described Russian émigré Lipkin as being drawn to "lefty, artsy theory classes" while he was a student at Rutgers, where he learned about the place of the phallus in and out of the classroom. "Think of him like Spider-Man," Lipkin's wife and producing partner Burson told Variety, adding, "He's an average guy who gets in touch with his innate super powers." Lipkin describes the show as a dark comedy with a lot of "heart," a new euphemism for penis we plan to use as frequently as possible. Since Tobey is busy playing a mute who wants to conduct an orchestra in Oscar winner Richard LaGravenese's new movie Quiet Type, who would you cast in this singular role? [Variety]