As readers have reminded us, Chace Crawford likes to work out at the Chelsea Equinox, and the gays and girls all swoon. A tipster has sent the additional details that the Gossip Girl star also shows up "almost every early evening during prime cruising hours" and often hangs out in the steam room. Proof of nothing, of course, and certainly very far from confirmation of the rumors that Crawford is gay. But someone made an "m4m" Craigslist "missed connections" post that sounds a lot like it's from Chace, but probably only because it's supposed to sound like it's from Chace.

A key line in the ad calls out Crawford's supposed trademark gym outfit of gray t-shirt and green cap. Obviously the ad also got the age about right. Plus there's the line "I'm a fairly recognizable actor."


But even our Crawford-adoring gay Equinox spy can't believe it's real, speculating that the post is the work of an overexcited gym-mate of the star:

Of course, the Craigslist ad could also be a ruse by Gossip Girl to drum up more publicity and interest in the show (though the email is probably legit, since our tipster is no stranger to our inbox). Who really knows? Probably no one, ever, unless someone can convince Julia Allison to apply her internet de-anonymizing skills to this important riddle.