So Star magazine editor-at-large Julia Allison threatened to out the anonymous blogger behind Reblogging Julia, but did not. Then we heard that ABC News was on the case. Well, not so much. "For life bloggers like Allison, who electronically post intricate details of their lives in the blogsophere, it is to be expected that not everyone who reacts to these blogs will like what they're saying, several Internet experts say." Internet experts-saying things! Can't breathe!

"'These life bloggers are the ultimate example of being the victim of your own success,' said David Griner, who blogs for, a pop culture blog launched by AdWeek in 2004. 'They built their reputations and popularity by telling everyone every little detail of their lives; that's what makes them such a success. But what makes you popular also makes you vulnerable,' Griner said. 'There is probably nobody who is more susceptible to criticism than these bloggers.'" Sweet, sweet obvious opinions. Now if only someone would say something catty...


What's that, Loren Feldman, head of production at 1978 Media Company? "Allison would like to think she's special, but I probably have 10 different sites about me. People hate on me like you would not believe." [ABC News]