A school teacher and a beautician are suing CNN for $1.3 billion because shouting head Jack Cafferty said that the Chinese government is full of "goons and thugs." Why $1.3 billion? Because that way they give one dollar to everyone in China, duh. "The legal action, filed in a New York federal court, is the latest incident in a escalating row over Western media coverage of the clampdown on unrest in Tibet in March and disruptions to the Beijing Olympic torch relay abroad."

"New York-based beauty therapist Liang Shubing and Beijing-based teacher Li Lilan said commentator Jack Cafferty's commentary this month had insulted all Chinese people and 'intentionally caused mental harm' to the plaintiffs." Know what else causes mental harm? Slave labor, poison toys, censorship, oppression, and giving Richard Gere a cause. [Variety]