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Isn't it fortunate that we have celebrities to teach us about unique, profound experiences like parenting? Otherwise, no one would appreciate what it's like to have a child, because it's not like nearly everyone else in the world does it! Maggie Gyllenhaal, who with Peter Sarsgaard makes up one of the most insufferable couples in Park Slope (and it's a competitive field), is the latest actress who thinks she's the first person in history to be a mom.

I think having a child changes everything and has deepened everything in my life...I think it has deepened my acting...It really does crack you open in every way. I never knew that I could be so tired. I never knew that I could work so hard. I never knew that I could love so much or be so patient or be so excited by the tiniest, tiniest little thing.

Maggie also says that wanting to spend time with little Ramona has made her more selective about work. But not to the extent that she's giving up the spotlight and fat paychecks entirely. (She'd like you to know that she'll be appearing in The Dark Knight, with Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger.) Nor is she too preoccupied with motherhood to skip red carpet events like the CFDAs (above). What a superwoman!