Reading socialite Emily Brill's blog feels a lot like being her free therapist. One minute she declares her love for you, another she's lashing out. You listen to her narcissistic hyperbole, her daddy issues, her body issues. And, tonight, you watch a 40-minute music video set to the Madonna song "Ray of Light," with Brill belting out the lyrics herself, and read about how "This is a video about resurrection. Or maybe even feeling fully alive for the first time." The video, like Brill's other moments, is as hard to look away from as it is tedious, particularly if you've never been a media mogul's disaffected daughter. The actual moving pictures part runs roughly six minutes; the rest of the video is silence interspersed with Brill and Madonna singing, sort of a hidden track for the YouTube era, I guess. Watch it after the jump.

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[Essentially Emily, Essentially Emily]