This is creepy: The preview for the latest installment in the Batman movie franchise, the Dark Knight, looks incredibly similar scene-for-scene to the trailer for the original Batman 19 years ago. It's like the Dark Knight preview editor went frame by frame, trying to come as close to possible to duplicating the old trailer with new footage. Maybe as an homage. Or maybe there's a manual somewhere on how to make action movie trailers. Or maybe we've all been watching the same handful of Hollywood blockbusters over and over again, under different titles and with different combinations of stars, for decades now, and this side-by-side comparison video makes it all too hard to stay in denial any longer. Watch it after the jump. UPDATE: College Humor asked why these two previews were so similar — it appears to be because someone remixed the original movie to resemble the new trailer. So really, this is one trailer, plus one psuedo-trailer.

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