Natalie Merchant Buys Sutton Place Pied-à-Terre

  • Folk singer Natalie Merchant has picked up an apartment near Sutton Place for $705,000. The one-bedroom condop at 211 East 53rd Street is on the small side, but that won't be a big issue for Natalie since she spends most of her time at her homes in Hawaii and upstate New York.
  • SunGuard Data Systems CEO Cristobal Conde and his wife Susan have sold their five-bedroom apartment at 33 East 70th Street for $13.2 million. They'll be leaving behind neighbors in the building like Joan Didion and Marina Rust Connor
  • Just a few blocks up, Texas real estate developer James Sowell and his wife Elizabeth have paid $12 million for a place at 770 Park Avenue, where they'll be sharing the elevator with new neighbors like Daryl and Steve Roth, Michael Lynne, and Dirk Ziff.
  • Another day, another sale at 15 Central Park West. This time it's Maryland Heathcare Company president Semyon Friedman and his wife Janna, who paid $3.4 million for the sixth-floor apartment.
  • More details on the two units Bill Mack and wife Phyllis bought at 550 Park Avenue earlier this month. Although the adjacent apartments were on the market for $24 million (they were offered as a package deal by two different sellers), the Macks got $4 million knocked off the price tag before all was said and done, and ended up paying (just) $20 million for the spread. [Page Six]