Emailing "I feel in love with your daughter Uma" Is Bad Netiquette

  • Testifying against her alleged stalker, Uma Thurman's dad said the man emailed him a few times about the study-abroad program at Columbia, where the dad is a professor. He had no clue the guy was a stalker, or even knew who his daughter was. Then one day the alleged stalker wrote: "Today the center of my forehead is ticking now and then. I feel in love with your daughter Uma." And later: "Apparently hoping it would be forwarded to the actress.... 'Work on that accent for our wedding night. Pretty please.'"
  • Charlie Sheen resumed seeing hookers at least until last year, including while he was in rehab, using fake doctor's appointments, according to a former Los Angeles madam. Sheen's rep said "this is an old, old, old story," as though that's not the point. [P6]
  • Rosie O'Donnell on Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair shoot: "Leave Miley Cyrus alone... Listen, Annie Leibovitz – I had two photo shoots with her... You kind of do what she says. It's intimidating. I also didn't think it was a pornographic photo in any capacity. I thought it was sort of a beautiful portrait." [People]
  • Spencer Pratt on Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair shoot: "I didn't think it was that bad. Supposedly, she's wearing a top underneath. It's artistic." [Us]
  • Jennifer Lopez's reality show will involve her stupid new perfume, and not the fortified wing of her house she and her Scientologist friends designed for her twins. Great, I just signed up for TLC, and now I have to cancel. [People]
  • Rehabbed actress Kirsten Dunst is supposedly taking co-star Ryan Gosling to 12-step meetings. [P6]
  • Singer Mariah Carey is engaged to rapper Nick Cannon. The ring is 17 carats and cost $2.5 million. Tasteful. [P6]