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  • It's thanks to dishes like the "superb" rabbit terrine that the Times' Frank Bruni awards two stars to Bar Milano, even though the Murray Hill northern Italian restaurant "bungles its pasta dishes," has "awful acoustics," and is "slickness incarnate." [NYT]
  • The Post's Steve Cuozzo gives thumbs-ups to the "luscious" food at John McDonald's Brasserie 44 at the Royalton, but warns patrons to beware "the psychic toll of traversing the losers' lounge that was previously Manhattan's sexiest hotel space." [NYP]
  • The New Yorker's Lauren Collins is the latest to make mincemeat out of Robert De Niro's Ago, "the most cynical California import since Euro Disney." [New Yorker]
  • The Voice's Sarah DiGregorio finds Taavo Somer and Ken Friedman's Rusty Knot's "faux-cheesy shtick a little irritating," the tiki drinks "subpar and expensive," and the food "uneven." [VV]
  • The Sun's Paul Adams calls the food at Elizabeth "straightforward but not plain or uncreative" and especially recommends the "unabashedly crowd-pleasing" cheeseburger "capped with a giant Saturn's ring of cheese." [NYS]
  • The Times' Oliver Schwaner-Albright deems the cocktails at the newly-opened Clover Club on Smith Street "arguably the best drinks in Brooklyn." [NYT]
  • Gourmet's Alan Brown says you should go for the "superb chocolate" or "equally addictive" vanilla at the new eco-friendly Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck. [Gourmet]
  • GQ's Alan Richman has "never experienced a restuarant quite like" the "warm, personal, welcoming, and engaging" Thai-Latin restaurant Talay in Harlem. [GQ]