Scarlett Johansson - 450 W.15th St - I got into the elevator with ScarJo, but couldn't tell if it was her at first since she had sunglasses on. She got off on floor 2. When I left the building 15 minutes later, she got in the elevator again on the way down. This time, I heard her talk - it was 100% her signature voice. Looked normal and cute, but shorter than I would have imagined. She had darrrrk roots showing through her platinum blonde hair. Jogged to an SVU waiting outside, definitely in a hurry.

ScarJo at bowery ballroom taking in jessie baylins set. Standing to

the side, hair up and under a hat. No makeup, naturally gorgeous.

Oblivious to the all the stares.

Scarlett Johansson at Bowery Ballroom - She was there this evening with a few friends watching singer Jessie Baylin's set. She's really quite striking, and more petite than I expected (and clearly not shy about standing right up front). She seemed very relaxed and looked like she was really enjoying herself.