What's with the Scarlett Johansson sightings tonight? Her every movement is being tracked, apparently. Some kind of event for her Tom Waits cover album at Bowery Ballroom, maybe? Two recent stalkings after the jump. UPDATE: Make that three.

Scarlett Johansson - 450 W.15th St - I got into the elevator with ScarJo, but couldn't tell if it was her at first since she had sunglasses on. She got off on floor 2. When I left the building 15 minutes later, she got in the elevator again on the way down. This time, I heard her talk - it was 100% her signature voice. Looked normal and cute, but shorter than I would have imagined. She had darrrrk roots showing through her platinum blonde hair. Jogged to an SVU waiting outside, definitely in a hurry.

ScarJo at bowery ballroom taking in jessie baylins set. Standing to

the side, hair up and under a hat. No makeup, naturally gorgeous.

Oblivious to the all the stares.

Scarlett Johansson at Bowery Ballroom - She was there this evening with a few friends watching singer Jessie Baylin's set. She's really quite striking, and more petite than I expected (and clearly not shy about standing right up front). She seemed very relaxed and looked like she was really enjoying herself.