Battlestar Galactica: Killfest!

What happened this week on The Sci-Fi Channel's space disco Battlestar Galactica? I dunno. I was blotto and thinking about Smurfs. But I took notes, as always. There was more shooting than usual, which is always nice. After the jump, spoilers! Maybe!

  • Step to Blonde Tomboy Space Girl, get kneecapped. Now you know.
  • Don't take Pretty Asian Cyclon with you to meet the rebels! She just tried to mutiny your ass!
  • President GetDead is bald, Chief Fatty Q. Workingstiff is bald... What's with all the baldness, baldies?
  • When did Smokey Assistant Crazypants get all calm and professional? I smell a trap!
  • So does Blonde Tomboy Space Girl...
  • The comet is the ship? Dunno what that means but it makes Blonde Tomboy Space Girl all giggly and cute!
  • Ack! Cyclons!
  • Oooo... Good Pretty Asian Cyclon and Rebel Asian Cyclons slumber party!
  • Mutiny against Bleachy Cyclon!
  • Oh Bleachy, you can't go around beating humans to death like that. They don't even have goo baths.
  • Bleachy and Red Cyclon lesbian make-out! Kiss goodbye. Ouch.
  • Oh man, and no goo bath ship! Bye Bleachy Cyclon.
  • The Hybrid! Meh.
  • "The missing three will give you the five who have come from the home of the thirteenth." Wha?
  • "You are the harbinger of death, Kara Three." Kara Three? More Blonde Tomboy Space Girls? Where do I get one?!
  • "Mission Accomplished"? Are you gettin' funny on me?