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While it's always difficult getting used to living with a new roommate, it's not as though Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson met on Craig’s List. After years of jaunting off to Tokyo, tag team DJ nights and generally painting the town pink like two regulars at Truck Stop Fridays, their most recent squabble sounds less like a trivial fight over a messy apartment and more like a rip-roaring catfight one sees at female roller derby tournaments:

She was crying her eyes out the other night, upset over a fight she had with her girlfriend Sam Ronson, who was deejaying. "They had a full-blown fight”...Lindsay kept wiping her tears.

And who of all people was there to comfort the mink-stealing minx? The very same Hills star seen downing shots of tequila with Lohan just last week...

According to the NY Post, Lindsay was playing the role of groupie to her domestic partner Samantha Ronson during a gig at Crown Bar, but for unknown reasons, things went south and Lindsay left the bar in tears. Misty whiskey-colored memories of the days before rehab, indeed. But in a strange twist, The Hills very wise queen bee Lauren Conrad was there to soothe the sobs. One can only hope that MTV's camera crews were following LC around that night and captured the action. And, after some of her recent issues, Lindsay sure could use the paycheck.