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Undeterred by Jerry Seinfeld identifying her as a potential assassin because of her three names, cookbook author Missy Chase Lapine is expanding her defamation lawsuit against the Seinfelds to also include Jessica Seinfeld's publisher HarperCollins. Both Lapine's book, The Sneaky Chef, and the book she accuses of ripping it off, Deceptively Delicious, became bestsellers, but—surprise!—the author with the famous husband who also landed a coveted appearance on Oprah has sold many more copies of her book.

A rep for HarperCollins says that they "are convinced of her innocence," and "see no justification for not continuing the relationship"—how big of them not to drop a major money-maker!—while the CEO of Lapine's publisher Perseus says he supports his author. But not quite enough to actually wrangle with the Seinfelds and News Corp. by getting involved in the suit.