Kim Cattrall Pulls A Britney And Parties Barefoot In London, Reveals Freaky Feet

What is it about London that makes otherwise prim actresses turn into girls gone wild? At last night’s premiere of SATC: The Movie across the pond, sex book author and Police Academy alum Kim Cattrall decided to do away with those pesky accessories we’re all (aside from Britney) forced to wear in public: her shoes. The good news? As Cameron Diaz proved at the premiere of Charlie’s Angels, walking the red carpet barefoot attracts some great press. The bad? Cattrall’s shoe-less night on the town revealed the most frightening pair of tootsies we’ve seen in recent memory, and Kim’s reported late-night behavior was eerily reminiscent of the night Renee Zellweger painted London red last month.

Kim Cattrall Pulls A Britney And Parties Barefoot In London, Reveals Freaky Feet

After prancing properly down the red carpet in a pair of sky-high Gucci heels, Kim initially headed to the premiere's after-party in a less painful pair of gold sandals. But after reportedly staying at the fête longer than any of her co-stars, she exited Renee-style sans any shoes at all. And despite a remarkably flawless pedicure, this close-up reveals some severe skeletons in her closet: a case of zombie feet that remind us of Paris Hilton's infamous "sinewy" size 11s. Enterprising young plastic surgeons take note: while freaky feet can strike at any age, there isn't any medical technology available today that can cure this problem. Do something about it and you just might turn out to be a rich, rich person. We can think of at least two clients who'll be pounding down your door.


[Photo credits: Getty, FilmMagic]