i'm very sorry for what happened last night. i had no idea we were on live. i was playfully trying to get chuck's attention. unfortunately, i got the attention of thousands and many were not amused. i admit i have a potty mouth at times. never never did i intend for new york to receive an example of it. i can't take it back. i can apologize. i'm still very embarrassed today. i'm trying to answer each and every person thats contacted me.

i hope you will accept my apology.

thanks, sue

Indications Simmons' email address is gone:

Former Web page (August 2007):


Current Web page:

What's surprising about Simmons' apparent email address blackout is that it indicates people have been bombarding her with mail. Are there really that many New Yorkers outraged at hearing the word "fuck?" Really?

[Animal New York]