You may recall Rachel Marsden, the former Fox News personality who had a scandalous fling with the founder of Wikipedia, who pled guilty in 2004 to harassing a Vancouver radio host and who who was ejected from the Fox News studio last year. Marsden's relationship with Fox seems to be on the mend — she was re-admitted to the studio in February — and she is clearly as big a fan of Fox host Bill O'Reilly as ever. In the comment thread on Gawker's post about O'Reilly's recently-resurfaced meltdown, Marsden said critics of his cuss-out just can't handle Papa Bear's swaggering machismo:

You people are obviously pussies who can't handle a real man. Bill's awesome. He's a straight shooter, and one of my favourite people in the biz. He's always been really nice, and good to me.

Got it: "Real men" throw temper tantrums when someone writes something on a cue card they don't understand, and they can be as mean as they want to other people as long as they aren't mean to you, Rachel Marsden. Sounds like someone is aching for another visit to the Fox News studios!

[Gawker via David Seaman]