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Whatever’s going on between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer has thus far had all the standard Summer Fling ingredients: making out in pools, sunset dinners, word that psychopathic ex-girlfriends are drowning in tears and booze, and so on. But last night, the cougar and cad took their lovey dovey tour to New York, doing the double date thing at celebrity haunts and hiding out in cloudy cigar bars, leading onlookers to believe the new Demi and Ashton are having more than just fun in the sun. However, reports that John is “bored” already, combined with Jennifer’s alleged “clingy” and starstruck groupie behavior at one of his gigs have us worried that Aniston will be yet another tear-soaked ex on the crooner’s widdled down bed post...

Before arriving in New York, Mayer played two gigs down in Florida, both times giving plenty of O-Faces while covering other people's songs. In Miami, while singing a Pat Benatar number, Aniston reportedly "leapt onstage and sang along." And then in Orlando, Mayer borrowed a Tom Petty classic after the over-excited Aniston spent her time "taking pictures of him during the show and sending him back onstage with a big kiss." Way to play hard to get, Jen! We fear the inevitable night in which he wheezes out some Melissa Etheridge tune and really sets GLAAD ambassador Aniston's lesbian-loving heart aflame.

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