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Once again, the troubled blonde union between Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson has come to an end, and both stars are up to their standard post-break-up habits. Hudson is said to be feeling “dumb,” and Wilson is making attempts to crawl into the sheets with the nearest yellow-haired hanger-on. And while the last time these two split, it became tragically clear which party came out on top and which wound up barely alive, we took a look at the career prospects in store for both, and worry Kate’s the one who might hit the skids this time around...

Hudson’s recent Fool’s Gold flop hasn’t stopped her from signing up for yet more rom-coms revolving around silly girls and the silly boys they fall for. This September, we’ll see her in what sounds like You, Me And Dupree 2: This Time We’ve Got Dane Cook!, the “meet cute” vehicle My Best Friend’s Girl. And we’ve already seen shots of Kate filming what sounds like The Devil Wears Prada 2: Catfights Leap From The Office To The Altar!, the sure to be laugh-filled Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway and Candy Bergen. Though she has signed on for two dramas — Big Eyes, in which she’ll star as sad painter Margaret Keane, and A Dream Of Red Mansions — we just can’t get excited about “epic tales” set in mid-century China or Gwyneth-inspired attempts at Oscar fever playing a doomed artist.

As for Owen? No Oscars lie ahead, but cash definitely does. Marley & Me is based on the book with millions of fans, meaning a built-in audience awaits. And next year, the maligned money train that was Nightmare At The Museum will deliver its green-eyed sequel. Kate yearning for bucks and credibility, while Owen rolls in the dough with plenty of time to threesome-hop? Where is Dax Shephard when you really need him?