"First Supermodel" Janice Dickinson favored some lucky Page Sixer with one of her patented over-sharing meltdowns the other day. Apparently, Dickinson carries around a photo she tore from a gossip rag showing fellow former model/talk show host Tyra Banks holding a copy of Dickinson's book, No Lifeguard on Duty. "Dickinson showed us the torn-out magazine photo with a caption saying Banks was on her way to speak with young girls and offer her advice. 'And she's using my book, Dickinson fumed. 'I mean, the thing looks so worn it's like she's been reading it on the toilet. It's pathetic. Where's her originality? Does she have no shame?' Dickinson, who's in talks with NBC for her own chat show, said she'll invite Banks on to confront her."

"Next, she said [Kevin] Federline 'makes me sick. His earlobes are stretched out from all the diamonds he stole from Britney Spears. He's a pig and a loser and I want to take him down [...] Dickinson, 53, also dished to us about her menopause. 'I'm taking hormone pills and I mix them up, I'm like falling asleep standing up,' she laughed. 'I'm having night flashes and heat strokes.'" [P6]