Great job winning a record six Pulitzer Prizes last month for the Washington Post, Len Downie! But you're so fired. Or, as the Times has it in Monday's paper, "pressured" to soon leave the Post so the new publisher, Katharine Graham's granddaughter, can pick her very own editor. Nepotism beats journalism prizes, naturally. (Radar had something on this last week, but was apparently overconfident about the timing.) The publisher is trying to bring together the print and online halves of the Post, which have been warring, so it makes little sense that she's supposedly been trying to recruit as Downie's replacement old-media hands like New Yorker Editor David Remnick, former Managing Editor Steve Coll or former Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Marcus Brauchli. But Remnick and Coll have already turned the publisher down, so it's possible she'll go with editor Liz Spayd, who the Times paints as her friend. Bottom line: the pernicious Pulitzer Prize is not correlated with journalism job security these days, except perhaps negatively (in case that wasn't sufficiently clear from the 2003 departure of Pulitzer machine John Carroll from the Los Angeles Times). [Times]