Al Jazeera English isn't carried by any American cable TV systems, and that's in part because "some... were disappointed it wasn't hanging people or torturing people, said a former executive... 'If it looks like the BBC, why should we add it?'" In other words, the network is floundering not just because some associate it with Islamic extremists, but because others find it not extreme enough. The new managing director of the network, a Canadian named Tony Burman, is promising to change all that and to emulate some of the "fearless, bold and provocative" coverage of Arabic Al Jazeera. The change came after a bunch of Americans and Brits left the network, saying it was being controlled more tightly out of Qatar. Outgoing anchor Dave Marash said he saw signs of anti-Americanism creeping in to coverage before he left. But a certain skepticism toward U.S. foreign policy would make for an enlightening viewpoint on cable news, if only to contrast with the increasingly opinionated coverage from the American channels. And who better to lead some sober antagonism against America than a Canadian? [Times]