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For every high-pitched shriek of rage we let loose after making it through a new episode of Lost without a single Big Question answered, there’s a part of us that doesn’t want to know what’ s going on anyway. Sure, it’d be nice if the epic’s smarmy producers decided to shed some light on what the four-toed statue from season two was all about, gave us some clues about the Smoke Monster, or what Josh Holloway might look like as a member of the full-frontal nudity club, but maybe getting some answers would weaken our obsession. At least that’s how we felt before hearing today that a sole cast member knows for sure exactly how the series will end. And we have a feeling that between now and 2010, they might wind up “blurting it out” despite assurances.

Yes, apparently that 2006 SNL sketch in which Fred Armisen grills Matthew Fox in an elevator, confident that none of the actors have a clue what's going on, isn't so funny anymore in light of reports that "he's the only cast member who knows how the series will end." And Fox has recently relented: "Yes, it's true. [The rest of the cast] understands I can't talk about it, but sometimes they'll ask, just hoping I'll blurt it out." Knowing it would only take a few drinks for Fox's Vault to open up is now #857 on our list of reasons Why We Want To Get Drunk With Matthew Fox. And with that, our safe state of ignorance is no longer blissful.