• "Helen Malani, an online shopping expert [in Los Angeles]... has already bought seven tickets to an opening-night showing on May 30. One guest is coming from as far away as Arizona... the chance to 'hoot and holler' at the screen with a like-minded sisterhood has been lacking in her years of devotion to the series."
  • "In Vail, Colo., Bonnie Vesey plans to go one better, with cosmopolitans and an Asian fusion dinner party for 10 at the Beaver Creek resort before a 9 p.m. screening at a nearby theater... 'We're all going to dress fabulously... I'm the Kim Cattrall of the group.'"
  • "In Manhattan, On Location Tours sold out 300 tickets, at $130 each, for a special 10-hour tour of "Sex and the City" hot spots. The night peaks with a group viewing of the movie at a reserved theater auditorium in Midtown, followed by a party at a club in Chelsea."
  • "A spokesman for... an online ticket service said... 26 percent of those who responded planned to see the film 'with the whole gang.'"
  • "Approximately 20 'beautiful females have all decided to meet for the event starting at Mangia e Bevi then out for a stroll to the movies with our man Manhattan...'"

On the bright side, this will be a huge, huge money night for cat-sitters.


(Photo via EveryStockPhoto)