As thrilled as we were to see Dina Lohan’s pity party come to life in a preview from Living Lohan yesterday, we truly wish those suits over at E! had picked the other guiding light in Lindsay’s life to trail around with cameras. A tipster alerted us to this clip, showing just another night out on the town (well, in a trailer) for Michael Lohan. We’re not sure which is more jarring: Michael’s impressions of both Cousin It and Dina Lohan, or the reminder that countless famewhores exist out there so desperate for fame they will venture into a trailer with Michael Lohan just hoping he’ll hire them to be Lindsay’s new BFF.

When the tape was shot and where is still a mystery to us, but does it really matter? Michael just sheepishly admitted he not only knows who Leif Garrett is, but isn't at all insulted when the girls-for-hire say he looks just like him. But we have to say: what's most frightening about this clip is Michael's dead-on impersonation of Dina Lohan. We can almost see the Momager spinning her sunken head around Exorcist-style and pulling out a stale punchline to boot.