It took several years for the ladies of Sex And The City to finally figure that whole cell phone thingie out (Carrie’s neon pink contraption in the series finale was one of the cutest/saddest attempts by a TV show to be “cool” we’ve ever seen) and, as these two leaked clips from the movie show, it’s taken them until now to conquer the Booty Text discussion. In the first clip — spoiler-phobes should avoid there eyes starting NOW — Sarah Jessica Parker brags to her assistant, played by Jennifer Hudson, about her texting ignorance before launching into a wink-filled lecture on what exactly your 20s, 30s and 40s are all about. And in the second, SJP brags to her hags about her brand new apartment before launching into a wink-filled lecture on boys ‘n real estate. We haven’t been winked at so many times since...the series finale of Sex And The City.

As we learned last week, Carrie makes her Big Wedding announcement all shyly to her harem over fancy brunch, and now we learn that Big not only agrees to marry her, he will also buy her a Manhattan castle in the sky. What she'll do there all day, and why she would possibly require the aid of an assistant, still isn't clear. Though we suspect it will involve a whole lot of self-conscious, self-referential, self-revelatory self-obsession. Of note: Kim Cattrall is suspiciously absent from all three leaked clips thus far. Is this yet another of Sarah Jessica Parker's passive aggressive attacks on her allegedly troublesome co-star? Or does she die a very Scream-like death in the first few minutes? We can only hope.