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Hearing that Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder may be dating is like winning the Fantasy Celebrity Hookups jackpot. Both of these lovable n’er-do-wells have been down on their luck recently, with a series of DOA movies, rumored engagements that didn’t pan out, and for Winona, the likes of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan stealing her stealing act. So whether or not the rumors are actually true, we’re throwing these two stars’ caution to the wind for them and giving them three good reasons why they most definitely should be, after the jump.

1. They already have a sex tape.And it's a cartoon! The two already played on-screen love interests in the Richard Linklater druggie film A Scanner Darkly, and though we barely had a clue which drugs Winona's character was on and when, we do recall a midnight seduction scene in which Keanu sleeps over. Sure, he has some kind of nightmare involving dead blondes in the bed, but all that matters is the fact that these two have no need to film their own inevitably released sex tape.
2. They can both fuck up as much as possible. Let's face it, each of them has made a lot of dumb moves in their lives and their careers. From the shoplifting scandal to Street Kings, they both know what it's like to be judged by others, so they probably won't pass untoward and unreasonable judgements on each other.
3. We really need a reason to go see their movie.As much as we adore Daniel Day-Lewis and his wife Rebecca Miller, her last directorial attempt came in the form of The Ballad Of Jack And Rose, a movie we wanted to love desperately but found ourselves sleeping through. She's currently directing Keanu and Winona in an adaptation of her novel The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, starring Robin Wright Penn, essentially her acting equivalent in both talent and watchability.