A slow news week for the New York Post has turned into a very busy one for Mr. Richie Randazzo, the doorman at 1021 Park Avenue who won a $5 million jackpot back in June thanks to a lucky scratch-off ticket. On Tuesday, we learned that since landing his big pay day, Richie has been skipping work to hang out with a new prize, a youthful Swedish model by the name of Sabina Mari Johansson. Then yesterday the Post treated us to an extensive photo gallery of how Randazzo and Johansson pass the time these days. (In hot tubs in Atlantic City, apparently.)

Today the Post delivers the third straight day of Richie coverage. But this time they've gone and mucked up Randazzo's supermodel fantasy by announcing to the world that his new love used to work as a "greeter" at Big Daddy Lou's Hot Lap Dance Club, the topless joint that was shut down recently since it happened to be a brothel, too. Richie claims he didn't know about Sabina's late-night gig until now—he says they met on a "photo shoot" at Coney Island—but he seems to be taking the news in stride. (He still maintains that his new girlfriend is the best thing that's happened to him in a long time, well, at least since he won the lottery in June.) And we're pretty sure Richie will find a way to use the revelation to remain in the spotlight. He should get another couple of headlines when he sells the rights to his story (it's It Can Happen to You meets Pretty Woman!) to a movie studio, or reveals he's in discussions to star in a rags-to-riches reality show.